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Feisty Hosts
Entertaining, intelligent and of course awfully sassy, our Lassys know how to get the party started.
Use your smartphone to answer. Pen & Paper is so 17th Century
Sassy Answers
We reward those that have a smart arse as well as their smart phones.
Great Prizes
If you're in it to win it, you won't go home empty handed.

Players say...

"I really like the 'goofy/silly answer' for one point option! You might as well be creative and leave an answer rather than a blank. Plus it keeps you involved. And I think it's fantastic you can play from your phone!!"
Peter Pan at Jake's City Grille

Team Moist at Rock Bottom

"Love the host and the trivia format! 508 is an awesome location for you guys!"
Kasssie at Bar 508

Featured Pub

Burrito Loco

Featured Lassy

Kelly G

Upcoming Pub Trivia

Wednesday, Jul 23

7:59 PM @ The Crooked Pint

8:30 PM @ Billy's on Grand

Most wins in the Past 60 Days

  1. Brew Tang Clan (7 wins)
  2. Chester Copperpots (4 wins)
  3. Michael J Fox's Etch-a Sketch (2 wins)
  4. A Bite of Italian (1 wins)
  5. Tim Howards Hands (1 wins)

Most points in the Past 60 Days

  1. Chester Copperpots (352 points)
  2. Brew Tang Clan (336 points)
  3. Michael J Fox's Etch-a Sketch (182 points)
  4. The MonStars (178 points)
  5. The Odds Have Improved (133 points)

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