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Sassy Lassys have more moxie. They're razor-sharp, witty, and love holding a good Mike - ahem, mic - in their hands.

It's even more fun when you don't know the answers! Know the capital of Azerbaijan? Neither do we! Give us a wit, grit, or lip and we may award you "Sassy Points."

Pen & paper is so last century. Our exclusive trivia software makes scoring paperless, super-fast and always accurate. And players can stay in their damn seats and keep drinking.

Sassy Lassy Trivia makes you more attractive! And also, you could win prizes, if you're into that.

Players say...

"As usual, Aly was awesome!! Luv the picture questions and they were challenging."
Papatodder at Houlihan's

"Love the host and the trivia format! 508 is an awesome location for you guys!"
Kasssie at Bar 508

"Fun :)"
Phil at The Crooked Pint

Featured Pub

McKracken's Pub

Featured Lassy

Kelly G.

Most wins in the Past 60 Days

  1. Brew Tang Clan (3 wins)
  2. Irish or Bust (3 wins)
  3. G. Gordon Smitty (2 wins)
  4. Barone Sanitation (2 wins)
  5. Stripes (1 wins)

Most points in the Past 60 Days

  1. Brew Tang Clan (186 points)
  2. Irish or Bust (179 points)
  3. G. Gordon Smitty (175 points)
  4. Kingdom1 (172 points)
  5. Fleshy Fun Bridge (160 points)

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